Hello there! I’m Mikel Cain, and the most common question I’ve been asked for the last couple of years is: why gambling? Yeah, it’s not the most obvious decision for a journalist with a background in law. Thus, we all have a few hobbies that can become the primary job one day. For me, it was gambling.

I can’t say I’m in love with casino games as a player, but it’s interesting to explore the rules, chances, fairness, and regulations of the game of chance. Meaning, I’ve always wondered why people are attracted to the game and if it’s crucial to limit their engagement with external rules.

As a result, I’m here, and I’m the author of a website dedicated to gambling.

Why Online Gambling?

If my previous explanation is not convenient enough, let’s dig a little deeper.

I’ve started my way from exploring social processes and attitudes. And one day, I discovered gambling for myself as the subject of interest. It’s common for all people worldwide to be attracted to things considered dangerous, uncontrollable, or forbidden. Thus, the gambling culture can be traced to ancient times, and it was always nearby people.

“So, the game of chance is the part of inner human demands,” — I’ve thought and started my journey into the world of slots, cards, and roulette. And that’s what I found out! People are looking for genuine emotion, and the risk is one of the most predictable sources.

When playing, the human organism produces a dozen of hormones, like adrenalin, serotonin, dopamine. And the game is one of the easiest ways of getting fast emotional feedback.

Am I consider gambling is good or bad? Neither. I think gambling is a tool for getting emotions. And psychologists say that emotions are a necessary part of our lives.

Now I should probably say, why ONLINE gambling.

Well, it’s convenient to explore. All that research and statistics give me a full range of information about people’s behavior, likings, and reactions. What is more, modern digital gaming technologies are focused on developing something new. So gambling is a topic where I can’t be bored.

Why Non-Gamestop casino

I think you’ve already noticed that I’m curious enough. And researching the Gamestop question, I can find more answers on why people quit the game and when they want to return.

This site is the result of my query research. I’ve seen many Internet users in the UK are looking for gambling activities with no governmental limitations. So, I must find and collect the list of proven and safe gaming spaces, as the risk is still the risk!

How do I know you a real expert? — you may ask

Some of the website visitors ask me questions, and I’m happy to answer them right here.

What do you think about the recent UKGC laws?

The recent increase in gambling addiction forced the government to take all measures to prevent it. The reactions are quite adequate to the situations at first glance. However, if we take a closer look, we’d see that the current sett affects responsible games. I’d rather connect the wave of ludomania to the unsatisfying emotional conditions than the casino games’ availability.

How do you think the gambling industry is going to change in some years?

I believe gambling would stay the controversial questions for a minimum next five years. Some countries would legitimate online casino gaming. Still, gambling would be regulated strictly. It’s a responsible and reasonable approach. At least until authorities would find the proper balance between how profitable a casino can be and how safe it is for players.

What kind of advice do you have for casino players in the UK?

I’d say: play wisely. Meaning, try to find out more about the casino you chose. Don’t think you waste your time searching for information, reading reviews, and checking the casino licence. Think this way: every minute I’ve lost is every penny I’ve saved because the unproven casino can disappear at once with all your deposits.

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