Responsible Gaming

Gaming should remain a pleasure. We often hear this, but we don’t always get to follow this statement. Gambling is particularly addictive because it puts pressure on our most potent subconscious hooks.

Problem gamblers harm not only themselves but also their surroundings. That’s why it’s essential to follow safety procedures.

Causes of addiction

The reward system and its expectations are tied to the workings of our hormones and brain. The systems, which involve the hormones dopamine and serotonin, are designed for pleasure. We want satisfaction over and over again, no matter how objectively good or bad the source.

The main hooks that gamblers fall for:

  • The belief they are luckier than others;
  • The illusion that they’re about to win;
  • The dopamine effect after winning on human brain ;
  • Some personality traits: Competitive tendencies, impulsivity or boredom.

    Symptoms of addicted gamblers

    To find out if you have an addiction, it is worth taking a little test. Modern online casinos often put such a test in their Rules of Use website. It is a series of specific questions; if you answer “yes” to most of them, you are most likely a problem gambler.

    Also, consider whether you or a fellow player has any of these symptoms:

  • Chasing losses;
  • Loans for gaming;
  • Compulsive desire to keep gaming;
  • Lying to hide the e-gaming.

    Preventing addiction

    One option to avoid problems is a responsible play policy. This policy includes tools such as:

  • Self-exclusion for six months, a year or longer;
  • Self-restriction for a few months to take a break from gambling;
  • Limits on the number of deposits, bets and losses. The casino systems, in this case, automatically warn you when you are approaching the limit and need to stop;
  • Avoiding subscribing to email newsletters;
  • Contacting technical support.

    How are limits applicable? Firstly, they limit your spending. You know you can spend precisely that much on the game and not a cent more. Secondly, they will ensure that you only lose free money. And all essential expenditure items like family, tuition, and mortgages will remain safe.

    Also, limiting will keep you from having to take out a loan to play further. You allocate some funds and some time to play. By doing so, you keep your hormonal system in balance.

    Also, you can see the big picture instead of getting stuck on one thing, i.e. playing games. The more opportunities and activities a person sees, the more options they have for enjoyment.

    Today’s brands strive to support a responsible gaming policy and support customers in their healthy approach to gaming. Because, ultimately, for gambling websites, healthy players are far more profitable than addicts.

    English gambling addiction organisations

    If gambling responsibly doesn’t help either, you can turn to specialist organisations. Specialists help you understand what you need to do and how to treat the addiction. If you need for this, you should contact these organisations:

  • BeGambleAware – or Pennine Place, 2a Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 0HF;
  • GamCare – or GamCare, 1st Floor, 91-94 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8QP;
  • Gamblers Anonymous – or The Wellness Centre, 45 Montrose Avenue, Intake, Doncaster, DN2 6PL.

    All of these organisations can help you or your friends to cope with addiction and lead healthy lives. Remember, gambling should remain a pleasure!